ISSP2017: Poster Award Winners

Following two groups have won the Poster Awards of ISSP2017. Congratulations!

Yasushi Morii*, Yuichiro Nakamura, Takeo Okabe, Yoshimasa Koido, Hideyuki Takahashi
JX Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation, Japan

TF2-6: Effect of gaseous impurity level of sputtering target on the piezoelectric property of Al-Sc-N thin film

TF2-6: Mr. Morii
TF2-6: award winner agency receiving the prize

Comment from Mr. Morii

Thank you for choosing my presentation as the “Best Poster Award”. I am very honored to receive the award and I've felt high attention to our research from attendees during the conference. This award gives me strong motivation for the further research. Please let me express my sincere gratitude once again.

Hiroaki Hoshino1)*, Kenta Sato1), Md.Suruz Mian1), Yoshio Yasumori2), Kunio Okimura1)
1) School of Engineering, Tokai University, Japan
2) Tokai Univ. Ctr. Educ. Res. Dev., Japan

TF2-13p: Growth of VO2 thin films on transparent conductive Al-doped ZnO films on glass substrates

TF2-13p: Mr. Hoshino
TF2-13p: Mr. Hoshino and coauthors

Comment from Mr. Hoshino

I am very honored to be selected as one of the best poster award winner in ISSP 2017. Thank you for conference committee for giving me this kind of opportunity to my research. Also, I appreciate my supervisor Prof. Okimura, Dr. Yasumori, Dr. Suruz, Mr. Sato, and my team members in Okimura laboratory for their supports. I would like to achieve further progress on this study by making further efforts.

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