International Symposium on Sputtering & Plasma Processes

Postponement of ISSP2021

Considering the situation of COVID-19, we decided to postpone issp2021, which was scheduled to take place in June next year. It is now being arranged to be held jointly with IVC-22 in Sapporo in 2022.

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About the symposium

International Symposium on Sputtering and Plasma Processes (ISSP) was established in 1991. The main subject of the 1st symposium was "Reactive Sputtering". It was the time that some new approaches to improve deposition rate and stability of the reactive sputtering process were started to be addressed. Since then, the symposium has been held biennially. At each symposium, the current topics and trends concerning sputtering and plasma processes have become the main focus and such topics have been discussed intensively.

This symposium has two characteristics. One is that the program committee is formed mainly by members from related industries. Hence, the general tendency of papers presented in the symposium is practical use of the sputtering technology and industrial relevancy. The other is that all the oral speakers including invited ones are requested to present their papers also at the poster session of the day of the oral presentation, giving unique opportunities for attendees to discuss details of the oral presentations with speakers.

After the 3 times of symposium held in Kyoto, we returned to Kanazawa at the 14th symposium in 2017.:w We hope that every engineer and researcher in the world who is interested in sputtering and plasma processes attends this exciting symposium.

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