ISSP2007: Guide for Authors

Instruction to submit a manuscript for on-site proceedings


April 9, 2007

Address for submission and inquiries (closed)

You should submit PDF formatted file via web form. Recommended size of PDF file is less than 1M-byte.

If you can not convert your manuscript to PDF file, please contact to ISSP2007 secretariat.

Instruction for manuscript preparation

Sample file of manuscript is available (MS Word, PDF). You can use the Word file as a template if you prefer. Before submission, don't forget to convert your manusvript to PDF FILE. In addition, usable fonts are restricted as "Times New Roman", "Symbol" and "MathA-C". When you use other font, font data have to be embedded in your PDF FILE.


Figures, Tables and Photographs



Guide for Presentation




Invited Presentations (Oral and Poster)

Invited speakers present both oral and poster presentations.

Oral presentation: 40 minutes for presentation including 5 minutes discussion, and Poster presentation: Evening session (based on the oral presentation).

Presentation A & Manufacturer's Presentation (Oral and Poster)

The authors present both oral and poster presentations.

Oral presentation: 20 minutes for presentation including 5 minutes discussion, and Poster presentation: Evening session (based on the oral presentation).

Presentation B (Poster)

The authors present only poster presentation.

Poster presentation: Evening session.

Equipment for Presentation

Oral presentation

An over head projector and an LCD projector are prepared as equipment for presentations.

If you use the LCD projector, connect your laptop PC to the projector, during a previous speaker's presentation. Bring the copy of your file for presentation saved in CD-R or CD-RW or USB memory for any possible trouble on your PC. Substitutive PC, in which Microsoft Power Point and AdobeAcrobat Reader are installed, is prepared in the meeting place. 35-mm slide projector or any other equipment is NOT prepared. If you need this equipment for your presentation, contact to the committee after submitted your manuscript, please.

Poster presentation

A poster board of 1.8m width x 0.9m height is prepared for poster presentation, and a desk of 0.45m width x 1.6 m length x 0.7 m height is also prepared individually.

The presenting authors should prepare posters that is written in bigger font (over 24 points) for poster session. The presenting authors in the oral sessions also should present posters in the poster sessions for discussion based on their oral presentations. The copies of over head projector sheets used in the oral session are permitted for the poster presentation.

Contribution to post-conference proceedings "VACUUM"

If you wish to contribute to the post-conference proceedings "VACUUM" by Elsevier, you should submit a manuscript based on your presentation at ISSP2007. Your article will not be published by camera ready in VACUUM. You should describe your manuscript to the styling guide of "VACUUM". Please see the Elsevier's Guide for Authors.

Please submit your manuscript saved by Microsoft Word format in floppy disk or in CD-R. Manuscript saved by LaTeX format and text file are also permitted.

If your native language is not English, your manuscript should be checked by natives. ISSP2007 committee will not correct your grammatical errors. Authors in Japan please note that information about how to have the English of your paper checked, corrected and improved. Delayed manuscript after the submission dead line will not be published.

Your article that does not based on the presentation at ISSP2007 will not be accepted.

You should submit your article to the committee at ISSP2007 meeting place (Cover sheet, 1 original and 2 photocopies for referees).

Your article includes less than 2500 words with figures and tables (4000 words for invited speakers). Each figure and table will be estimated as 150 words.

Other details are shown in the cover sheet. Please download the cover sheet file and check the items in the sheet.

The submission dead line:

June 8, 2007

Your manuscript will be received during the meeting period. Late submission is not permitted. Submit your manuscrip to the committee at ISSP2007 meeting place before your presentation.

Contact to: ISSP2007 secretariat (Contact Information)