ISSP2011: Poster Award Winners

Plaque AP 1-4 Nagashima Plaque TF P3-8 Nakanishi Plaque SP P-3 Yamazaki

Following three groups have won the Poster Awards of ISSP2011 meeting. Congratulations!

K. Nagashima1), T. Yanagida1,2), K. Oka1), M. Kanai1), A. Klamchuen1), J.-S. Kim3), B. H. Park3), T. Kawai1,3)
1) Osaka University, Japan, 2) PRESTO, Japan Science and Technology Agency, Japan, 3)Konkuk University, Korea

AP 1-4: Intrinsic nature of nonvolatile resistive switching extracted by a single oxide nanowire

AP 1-4 Dr. Nagashima

Comment from Dr. Nagashima

Thank you for conferring the Best Poster Award. I would appreciate all supportive co-workers. With this encouragement, we would like to exert ourselves to advance our research. Thank you very much.

Y. Nakanishi1), K. Kato1), H. Omoto2), T. Tomioka3)
1) Glass Research Center, Central Glass Co., Ltd., Japan, 2) Glass Business Planning & Development Department, Central Glass Co., Ltd., Japan, 3) Intellectual Property Department, Central Glass Co., Ltd., Japan

TF P3-8: Improvement in salt water durability of Ag thin films deposited by magnetron sputtering using argon and nitrogen mixed gas

TF P3-8 Ms. Nakanishi

Comment from Ms. Nakanishi

I would like to thank you for the ISSP 2011 Best Poster Award. Receiving this award is my great pleasure. I will strive for further progress of our research. Thank you very much once again.

T. Yamazaki, T. Kida, T. Kikuta, A. Sakaya, Y. Takayasu
University of Toyama, Japan

SP P-3: Thickness distributions of films formed by magnetron sputtering

SP P-3 Prof.Dr. Yamazaki

Comment from Prof.Dr. Yamazaki

I am much honored to be favored by this award together with my students. When I started this work, I had a fear of not being able to interpret experimental results because I did not have any forecast of the results. Now, I am relieved to have been able to give some interpretation of the experimental results. Encouraged by this award, I would like to develop this work to obtain more fruitful achievement.

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