ISSP2013: On the absence of the Manufacturer's Presentation by Impedans Ltd.

On behalf of the ISSP2013 committee, I would like to note on the cancellation of oral presentation PP-2, which had been scheduled as a part of Manufacturer's Presentations by Mr. Jones, Impedans Ltd., Ireland.

Unfortunately, the presentation was not given by an accident. It was due to the communication troubles between Mr. Jones and us.

We, ISSP committee, are very regretful that Mr. Jones missed the opportunity for the presentation. We are also sorry that the symposium attendees have lost the chance to catch up on the latest products and achievements by Impedans.

We consider that the information from industry is an important aspect of this symposium, and would like to promote the relationship among researchers and engineers both in academic and industrial fields.

We continue the effort to achieve this, and endeavor to eliminate the accident which occurred in this symposium.

Takeo Nakano, Chair of the ISSP2013 Committee

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