ISSP2013: Poster Award Winners

Following three groups have won the Poster Awards of ISSP2013 meeting. Congratulations!

Z. Kelgenbaeva1), E. Omurzak2), S. Sulaimankulova3), M. Goto2), T. Mashimo4)
1) Graduate School of Science and Technology, Kumamoto University, Japan, 2) Priority Organization of Innovation and Excellence, Kumamoto University, Japan, 3) National Academy of Science of the Kyrgyz Republic, Kyrgyzstan, 4) Shock wave and Condensed Matter research Center, Kumamoto University, Japan

MN P-4: Effect of temperature condition and surfactant on the formation of iron nanoparticle using pulsed plasma in liquid

MN P-4: Ms. Kelgenbaeva

Comment from Ms. Kelgenbaeva

It is a great pleasure to receive the ISSP 2013 Best Poster Award and I highly apprecia te all supportive co-workers. This award not only brings me honor and happiness, but also encourages me in my continued future research. Thank you very much.

T. Hanada1), K. Yanachi1), H. Ishizaki1), Y. Otani1), C. Yamamoto2), J. Yamanaka3), T. Sato2), T. Takamatsu4), Y. Fukuda1)
1) Tokyo University of Science, Suwa, Japan, 2) University of Yamanashi, Japan, 3) University of Yamanashi, Japan, 4) SST Inc., Japan

PI P-1: In situ formation of aluminum germanate interlayer for high-k/Ge metal-oxide-semiconductor structures by atomic layer deposition with trimethylaluminum and microwave-generated atomic oxygen

PI P-1: Mr. Yanachi

Comment from Mr. Yanachi

I am very glad for receiving the best poster award. For future works, I shall investigate the development of Ge-MOS device. Thank you for your kind.

N. Itagaki1,2), K. Kuwahara1), I. Suhariadi1), K. Oshikawa1), K. Matsushima1), D. Yamashita1), H. Seo1), K. Kamataki1), G. Uchida1), K. Koga1), M. Shiratani1)
1) Kyushu University, Japan, 2) PRESTO, Japan

TF 1-3: Sputter deposition of single crystal ZnO films on 18% lattice mismatched c-Al2O3 substrates via nitrogen mediated crystallization

TF 1-3: Prof. Itagaki

Comment from Prof. Itagaki

We're all delighted to be chosen for this award. ISSP is indeed a great conference where we can have fulfilling discussions on sputtering & plasma processes, which should bring further advances in our research. We wish to thank the organizers and hope to see you at next ISSP.

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