ISSP2009: Symposium Outline

International Symposium on Sputtering and Plasma Processes (ISSP) was established in 1991. The main subject of the 1st symposium was "Reactive Sputtering". It was the time that some new approaches to improve deposition rate and stability of the reactive sputtering process were started to be addressed. Since then, the symposium has been held biennially. At each symposium, the current topics and trends concerning sputtering and plasma processes have become the main focus and such topics have been discussed intensively.

This symposium has two characteristics. One is that the program committee is formed mainly by members from related industries. Hence, the general tendency of papers presented in the symposium is practical use of the sputtering technology and industrial relevancy. The other is that all the oral speakers including invited ones are requested to present their papers also at the poster session of the day of the oral presentation, giving unique opportunities for attendees to discuss details of the oral presentations with speakers.

For the symposium to be held in 2009, we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of ISSP. On behalf of the advisory committee, I would like to express our sincere thanks to all of the presenters and attendees in the past symposia for their contributions to all ISSPs. To express our deep appreciations, we have selected a few dozen companies or institutes which contributed frequently to the past ISSPs as the honorees of ISSP 10th Anniversary Contribution Award. We especially thank them for their outstanding contributions to the past ISSPs.

We hope that every engineer and researcher in the world who is interested in sputtering and plasma processes attends this exciting symposium and celebrates the 10th anniversary of ISSP. We look forward to seeing you in Kanazawa.

Akira Kinbara, Chair of the International Advisory Committee

Location and Date

Important Deadlines

Symposium Details

Subject Areas

  1. Fundamentals of Sputtering and Plasma Processes
  2. Sputtering Processes
  3. Plasma Processes
  4. Plasma Induced Process Technologies
  5. Thin Films
  6. Micro and Nano Technologies
  7. Applications
  8. Others



Presentation Styles

Invited Presentation(40 minute oral and poster)
Presentation A(20 minute oral and poster)
Presentation B(poster)

All oral presentations are also discussed in the poster session.

On-site Proceedings

Participants will receive one copy of the on-site proceedings at the symposium.

Special Sections in Thin Solid Films and VACUUM

Editor-reviewed and selected papers will be published in a special section either in Thin Solid Films (for TF subject area) or VACUUM (for all other subject areas).

ISSP Award

One "Best Poster Award" and two "Poster Awards" will be given to the author(s) of the outstanding poster presentations. Oral papers will be judged on their poster presentations. The award ceremony will be held at the last day of the symposium (July 10).

Contact to: ISSP2009 secretariat (Contact Information)